New for 2017 our  Scotland's Villages, Beaches and Less Traveled Roads Tour


Beautiful Scenery

Amazing Beaches


People don't usually think of Scotland as having fabulous beaches, but many have sand as golden as the Caribbean, however not nearly as warm!  We show you some of the stunning coastal scenery, inc. Beaches, fishing villages and hidden waterfalls that abound in this beautiful country.


Local Celtic Music

As we travel around this beautiful country, we often run into Pipe Bands practicing in the streets of the towns and villages, (above picture taken in Dornoch), and we love to stop and listen to the hauntingly beautiful music.  Or we spend the evening in a pub listening to local bands playing Celtic Music. 

Scotland is known for it's amazing scenery and as we travel around this stunning country we will see beautiful mountains (called Ben's), stunning valleys and glens, heather covered purple hills, and quaint villages with many historical castles & other sites.